Now that summer is approaching, we all want to gain muscle, but this is a long distance road and many years of work. 
Muscle growth is not a matter of 3 months, or 6, or even a year. You can make progress, that's for sure, but to have the physique you dream of takes a lot of time and supplements. We all want a body like the models that appear in magazines, but we must be aware that each person is different and some find it harder than others, as many factors come into play. We have made a small compilation of the keys to gaining muscle. 
Protein is fundamental 
All those who expect good muscle growth should know that diet is a key factor. And the pillars, the bricks that build our muscles, are proteins. If for the WHO a standard person needs about 0.8 grams per kg of body weight, a person who intends to grow should be around 1.5-2 grams per kg of body weight. There are plenty of foods with a good source of protein: eggs, beef, chicken ... it's just a matter of knowing how to distribute the meals. 
Define a good weight training 
If you're a beginner and you're just starting out, the logical thing to do to avoid injury before getting into more complex training is to start with a circuit. After that, you can opt for many types: the Weider routine (one muscle per day) of all life is somewhat stagnant, since our muscles are able to recover in 48 hours, so we recommend that later you do a frequency 2 or 3 to maximize hypertrophy. Full-body routines have also shown some effectiveness. 
Rest is a priority 
Muscles are built in the gym, fueled by a good diet and recovered from workouts by getting adequate sleep. For those who want to maximize their muscle gains, 8 hours of sleep minimum is essential. Let's not forget that the hormones that promote hypertrophy play an important role during the sleep cycle, and that poor rest makes us eat worse, as well as worsening our health. And another thing: forget to train every day, because to gain muscle mass we need to rest and not only in a matter of sleep. 
Adapt your cardiovascular exercise 
Cardiovascular exercise can also help you grow. However, we must not forget the factor of somatotypes and genetics. For a person who tends to put on weight, it is a fundamental factor if you want a body as aesthetic as possible, but for a person who has a very fast metabolism, it may not be the most appropriate to go running for an hour because it will burn too many calories and therefore slow down muscle growth. However, we should not forget all the health benefits of cardiovascular exercise. 
Use of Supplements 
It is true that supplements cannot become an alternative to your diet, but where food is not enough, there comes the 'good' chemistry. And we are referring to novaionic.world products which can effectively and safely help you reach your goals sooner and improve your performance in the gym.


May 15, 2023