The trapezius, like the forearms, are not usually trained, but they are an important muscle to look better aesthetically and avoid neck and cervical injuries.
The trapezius, like the calves or forearms, are the great forgotten by many fitness athletes who decline to train them and relegate their training to exercise them secondarily in other exercises such as the military press for shoulders, squats, biceps curl or pull-ups. However, the trapezius -like the other muscles mentioned-, are important and therefore it is just as important to have good trapezius muscles. Both for aesthetic reasons, as it looks better body having a compensation of the body parts, but also to look a stronger back and avoid injuries in the neck and neck area.
So, in order for you to conscientiously exercise your trapezius, today we tell you the five key exercises to develop your trapezius and look better aesthetically and more proportionate.
Top 5 exercises to train your trapezius muscles
1- Neck rowing
With a barbell or dumbbells, or even a pulley, this is an excellent movement to exercise the middle deltoid and, depending on the type of grip, also the trapezius. To involve this muscle, make a narrower grip by bringing your hands together on the bar, raising it up to your chin with your elbows as high as possible. When lowering, do so with control, avoiding jerks.
2- Shoulder shrugs
Same as the neck rowing, it can be performed with barbell or dumbbells. The fundamental in both cases, pronated grip, arms fully stretched and lift the shoulders as high as possible, holding the contraction up a second or two. Of course, avoid arching the back or assisting the movement with the lower body, as the aim is to isolate the trapezius as much as possible.
3- Farmer's steps or farmer walks
Although it is very useful to work the whole body, it is an ideal exercise to bring strength to our trapezius. Its execution is easy: grab two heavy weights, one in each hand, and carry them for a few meters. The longer the distance, the more your trapezius muscles will burn... The moment you notice that your back arches or you lose your balance, slow down, rest and start walking again. And always keep your eyes straight ahead.
4- On triceps machine
On the triceps machine, in addition to exercising this muscle of the arms, we give a lot of work to the trapezius. Why? Because when you have to push down, with a lot of weight, and then slowly rise, this muscle group is also activated in an important way. For this reason, you must execute this movement very slowly and with a lot of kilos, controlling the eccentric phase as much as possible.
5- Parallel pulldowns with weights
To activate the trapezius muscles to the maximum with this exercise which, in principle, is for the external part of the pectorals and triceps, depending on the width of the hands, the ideal is to lower the more, the better. And if we put a ballast on top, either with a weight hanging from the waist, or a weighted vest, better and more hypertrophy for the trapezius.
Other exercises to exercise the trapezius indirectly
As we said, there are a number of exercises that by performing them you are also training the trapezius but not directly. These exercises do not directly affect the trapezius, but they do help us to gain firmness, strength and volume in them, such as the pulley trasnuca for dorsal (one of the exercises for a very top shoulder training for which you only need a bar with weight), the bottoms in parallel or dips, and in general most of the exercises we do to train the back in the gym.
Personally in novaionic.wold the exercises that we like the most for the trapezius are the farmer's steps, with Russian weights in front of dumbbells, and the shrugs with weights of many kilos to activate the area well and make a good route with them back and forth. Also the so-called "pull-up" with which you will exercise those muscles in the full range of motion, or the overhead press, which helps to work the trapezius and stabilizer muscles when doing the exercise standing.
And as we mentioned, make sure that in your weekly workouts the calves and forearms also have a place, because although we work them indirectly with many exercises, it is always good to emphasize them from time to time with a more concrete and specific work, either with machines or free weights. Here are some basic training and exercises to make your calves grow.


August 26, 2023